Akari of Isamu Noguchi

The lanterns became widely used in the Edo Period. The frame is made of either bamboo, wood or metal, and Japanese Washi paper is pasted as the lamp shade. A stone or ceramic dish, oil and cotton was used to light up inside the lantern.

Back in those days, rapeseed oil was normally used since the candle was a luxury item. The Lantern has become not only the necessary lightening tool but also the sophisticated interior decoration item as time passes.

It can be the brightest item in a room and creates great atmosphere at the same time. It can blend in anybody's lifestyle, not being too distinctive. Tsujikura is proud to provide such lanterns.

Isamu Noguchi and AKARI

Isamu Noguchi said, "I named one of my work "AKARI", not "Chochin".

More than a humdred "AKARI" series are created since 1951.
Including the "UF series" in the 80's, his creations have been loved by people around the world.

"AKARI" is exhibited in modern museums in the U.S. and galleries around the world, and its artistry is greatly celebrated.