Aout Tsujikura

Established in 1690, Tsujikura is proud to maintain the tradition and culture kept for more than 300 years.
Please feel our passion to pursue authenticity.

History of Tsujikura

Yamashiro-ya Jinshichi started production and sales of umbrella in 1690.
13th successor Tujikura Tatsuo started production and sales of Japanese lantern around 1920.
17th successor Tsujikura is currently in business.

Late Taisho Period
Manufacturing the large-size Wagasa.

Late Taisho Period
Took in front of the shop.

The eleventh owner, Yoshitaro.

The higasa (parasol) presented at the Expo.

The customer lists
since the time of the establishment of the company.

Manufacturing of the Wagasa and the lanterns.

Manufacturing of the Wagasa and the lanterns.

Early Showa Period
Manufacturing Bangasa at Kanba (drying space) of Yamashina.

Featured on the foreign media. (New York Times, August 25, 1985)

The traditional Tsujikura earned the "Sekiwake" position
(second rank) on the established year ranking list
of the Kyoto commerce and industry.

Lui Vitton

Recently, we are also published on the various media and collaborate with other brands.